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Bug#413970: new fancy description for Emacs packages

Package: emacs-snapshot-gtk

I wrote a new description for emacs-snapshot and emacs-snapshot-gtk.
It tells more about Emacs so that more apt searches will find it.  The
rest of this email is released to the public domain.  What do you
think of these descriptions -- is it possible you could add them to
the debian/control file?  Also, do you think it's worth it for me to
forward them to the Fedora people and/or freshmeat.net as an
additional way of evangelizing emacs?

Jason Spiro

Description: Integrated development environment chock full of features
This is a snapshot of the current development version of Emacs.  It is
compiled with GTK+ 2.x support which provides nicer-looking graphical
menus and toolbars.
Emacs is not just a text editor.  Emacs is an IDE.  It provides:
* on-the-fly background syntax checking
* word completion
* indenting
* syntax coloring
* source browsing
* powerful debuggers for C, C++, and (if you install JDEE) Java
and much more.  Other IDEs provide the same features, but only Emacs
has continually been improved since 1976.  From transparent editing
and compilation of files on FTP/SSH servers to the electric mode that
inserts CR/LFs and indentation when you type a semicolon, Emacs does
everything better.  Note:  Emacs was designed for people who will use
it every day for years on end.  It is time-consuming to learn to use
all its features.  However, the time you spend learning Emacs will pay
itself back many times over the years.
Emacs is also a Lisp runtime environment.
It excels at working with text, and comes with dozens of full-fledged
Lisp applications which make heavy use of text.  These include e-mail
and IRC clients, an RSS reader, and a Unix shell.  Emacs can emulate
the Crisp, EDT, WordStar, and vi editors.  It also includes a full
Personal Information Manager suite, a scientific calculator, Baha'i,
Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic calendars, and much, much more.  You can
also install all sorts of other add-ons for Emacs, from the w3m
graphical Web browser to the AUCTeX WYSIWYG editor for LaTeX.
For a live demonstration of Emacs, ask your local Linux User Group or
search the web for the words: emacs screencasts

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