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Bug#413496: emacs-snapshot-el: ps-print has stopped working.

Christian Lynbech writes:

> Package: emacs-snapshot-el
> Version: 1:20070302-1
> Severity: normal
> In the latest upgrade, a change to the ps-print package has broken it
> badly.
> The changelog says:
>     2007-03-01  Vinicius Jose Latorre  <viniciusjl@ig.com.br>
> 	    * ps-print.el: Replace (defvar VAR nil) by (defvar VAR).
> Unfortunately, this is not a valid substitution.
> Even though INITVALUE is optional, the defvar documentation states:
>     If INITVALUE is missing, SYMBOL's value is not set.
> which means that even though there is a defvar for (say) `ps-lf-cache',
> there still is no variable defined of that name. Or put in other
> words, this form fails with a void-variable error:
>     (progn (defvar xxx) xxx)
> while this one succeeds:
>     (progn (defvar yyy nil) yyy)
> returning `nil'.

Correctly observed.  Vinicius has fixed this in the meantime, you can
get a corrected version of ps-print.el at


Unfortunately the emacs-snapshot package is orphaned now, so this fix
will not make it into Debian for the foreseeable future.



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