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Bug#395179: wmakerconf: shortcut names are unsorted


 i added this to src/shortcuts.c file to have
the list in the ascending order:

      gtk_clist_insert (GTK_CLIST (clist), GTK_CLIST (clist)->rows, &keyname);
      gtk_clist_set_row_data (GTK_CLIST (clist),
                              GTK_CLIST (clist)->rows - 1, key);
      if (GTK_CLIST (clist)->rows == 1)
         gtk_clist_select_row (GTK_CLIST (clist), 0, 0);
+     gtk_clist_sort(GTK_CLIST (clist));
   connect_update_function (key, clist, update_shortcut);


Herbert Parentes Fortes Neto (hpfn)
Linux user number 416100
0x9834F79E -- http://pgp.mit.edu/

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