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Re: Attention

Hi, I hate to be the one to mention this, but people continue to 
talk about your weight issue and it just disgusts me. Whether you 
know it by now, people are always chattering about each other at 
work but you come up more than enough. I wasn't the happiest or 
best-fit up until a year ago or so but that did change. Thanks to 
my dam brother-in-law(of all people). Anyhow, it was for the best. 

What I am saying is that you need to do something different and 
maybe you can make the same difference I did. Try this stuff I used. 
I took it on the idea it's just more junk but it worked great. I 
see more positive reviews on it nowadays and makes me feel even 
better. So, I am encouraging a change, not only in the chatter 
around here but in you personally. 
-Anonymous for now 
Using an anonymous email website to send this btw;)
When it helps/works just send a memo out with the name "Angel" in it. 
Then you can take me out to lunch to thank you. Talk to you sooner
than later I hope;)


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