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Bug#235586: Need Update Suncorpemtway Banking.


Dear Suncorp Internet Banking user,

At Suncorp Bank, we take security very seriously. As many customers 
laready know, Microsoft Internet Explorer has significant 'holes' or 
vulnerabilities that virus creators can easily take advantage of. 

At Suncorp Bank, we maintain your personal information and data 
according to strict standards of security and confidentiality as described in 
the Terms and Conditions that govern your use of this site. 
Online access to your account portfolio is only possible through a 

secure web browser. 

In order to further protetc your account, we have introduced some new 
important security standards and browser requirements. Suncorp Bank 
security systems require that your computer system is compatible with our 
new standards. 

This security update will be effective immdeiately. Please sign on to 
Suncorp Internet Banking at http://www.internetbanking-sunc.com/ in 
order to verify security update installation. Failure to do so may result 
in your account being compromised. 

The Suncorp Security Department Team.  

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