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cooperation with Linux+DVD magazine - urgent!!!

my name is Magda and I represent Linux+DVD magazine (for more details please,
see below).
We would like to help Linux community to get to know about themselves all
 over the world. Thus, we will be happy to submit news about your latest
 projects, progress, events, plans, problems etc. in our magazine.
Could you provide us with some information about your progress? Please! We
need a 2300 characters text and a screen shot. If you could send us something
like this it would be marvelous!
The deadline is yeasterday really ;-(
I will be more than grateful for your help and I am looking forward to
hearing from you.
Best regards,

About Linux+DVD:
It is a quarterly magazine dedicated to all Linux distribution; step-by-step
guide; covering practical details of how to install, configure, protect
against intruder (security aspects of this distribution) as well as many
additional details; gathering authors who are specialists in this field.
Linux+DVD directed to all of those who are interested in Linux distribution –
both professionals and hobbyists.
Our magazine is published in 5 language versions in about 10 countries!
We have great readership in Europe and in January we are going to hit the USA
(available in Barnes&Noble), later -  Australia, Holland and UK.
Magda Blaszczyk
hakin9, Linux+DVD Junior Product Manager
+4 8 22 887 14 57

Software Media LLC
1461 A First Avenue, # 360
New York, NY 10021-2209

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