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Bug#392694: Package htdig has removed data in /var/www

On Fri, Oct 13, 2006 at 01:52:23AM +0200, Urs Stotz wrote:
> Hi Roberto
> thank you for your mail!
No problem.

> now I see, I don't loose the data.
> /var/www was a link to /data/www on my system.
> After purging htdig, the debian package was removing the link
> and creating a new /var/www directory.
> I has meant the data are removed but realy only the link was removed.
> This is not the same problem as I has written in the bug report.
> But I see no reason for this behavior.
> You think I should close my bug report?
No.  I asked on #debian-devel and the consensus is that what the htdig
package did was wrong.  It should not have removed the /var/www symlink
and recreated the directory empty.  This is in fact a serious bug.



Roberto C. Sanchez

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