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Bug#378417: xpvm: please update for tcl/tk 8.4

Laurent Bonnaud <bonnaud@lis.inpg.fr> (16/07/2006):
> Hi,
> xpvm still depends on the old tcl/tk 8.3 version.  Could you please
> update it for tcl/tk 8.4 ?

I'm planning to maintain the package soon, and I'd like it to be working
as soon as possible. It looks like there are problems with tcl/tk8.4, we
get ``invalid block'' at startup and xpvm dies. Would you mind that I
upload a package building against tcl/tk8.3 so that we get a working
package, before I try to investigate why there's a problem with

According to some experiments in my lab, Fedora 4 has tcl/tk8.4-9 and
it works fine, whereas Fedora 4 has tcl/tk8.4-13, and there's the same
problem on that latter version. (As a quick reminder, debian sid has

So, are you OK to have a QA upload switching back to 8.3, so that the
binary `just works' before I investigate a little bit more? (After a
quick glance at it, recompiling xpvm with debug info is not enough, I
might have to build debug-enabled tcl/tk...)


Cyril Brulebois

PS: Of course, any experience with working/non working xpvm is welcome.

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