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Bug#287880: Regenerate font.map on installation

tags 287880 + moreinfo

Re: Michael Fedrowitz 2005-01-10 <1105391563.2381.10.camel@nienna.local>
> > I've got an extra font installed for enscript and everytime the package
> > is upgraded, the font.map is replaced by the default one causing
> > enscript to not find the extra font and print the escaped octal value of
> > each character rather then the character itself.
> > 
> > Could mkafmmap be run after installation so that added fonts stay
> > available to enscript? Or mark font.map as a config file and let us deal
> > with it at install time?
> Why not put your fonts and their font.map into /usr/local/lib/ps (or
> some other directory, and then add that to AFMPath
> in /etc/enscript.cfg)? /usr/share is the package manager's domain, if
> you mess with stuff in there you will always get bitten sooner or
> later...

Hi Patrice,

did Michael's suggestion work for you?

cb@df7cb.de | http://www.df7cb.de/

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