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Bug#349402: Noting down the current status on apt-listbugs and servers required for apt-listbugs


Currently, it sounds unrealistic to move the apt-listbugs
infrastructure back to Debian.org infrastructure.  Which of the Debian
servers have almost-unlimited bandwidth for serving ?  I'm seeking
information from those who are knowledgeable about Debian hosts.

Currently osdl.debian.or.jp serves as the default host.  This is due
to 207415.

If it's going to be merged to Debian infrastructure, it should
probably be distributed to different locations of the Internet, due to
different ping times resulting in very different ping-time.

	The BTS is around 40GB
	It should be able to mirror the BTS every 15 minutes, or at least, hourly
	Web serving should stand serving to daily access of around 10000 unique-IPs.

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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