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Bug#383371: gpdf: Does not display text filled into a form by pdftk

* Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@debian.org> [060816 22:55]:
> I just filled in a couple of forms using:
> pdftk input.pdf fill_form data.fdf output output.pdf
> Both xpdf and gv display the filled in text correctly, but neither gpdf
> nor evince does; they only display the form with blank lines where text
> should be.

I don't know anything about gpdf, but some idea to better isolate the
problem: Does that also happen when you flatten[1] the .pdf using pdftk?

Without flatten the value is just the default value of the field, but
still part of that field stuff, after flatten it should be regular text
within the the .pdf, so if it shows up after flatten it might just be
libpoppler does not support form fields, while not showing up even with
flatten might be a deeper error.

	Bernhard R. Link

[1] don't ask me before or after what you have to write "flatten",
as I cannot remember pdftk syntax for more than 5 seconds.

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