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Bug#254033: Errors in german translation

submitter 254033 debian@helgefjell.de

Hello Matej,
On Sat, Aug 05, 2006 at 08:33:25AM +0200, Matej Vela wrote:
> Helge Kreutzmann <kreutzm@itp.uni-hannover.de> writes:
> > I just completed a d-i install of RC1 (c.f.
> > http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=253102
> > for the entire figure). I noticed some errors in the german
> > translation. If you supply me with the po-file, I can go through it,
> > else the following points need changing:
> >
> > 1. In german, the quotes are » and «, not " as in english.
> Today's QA upload fixes this.


> > 2. The continent name "Europe" is not translated, i.e. "Europe/Berlin"
> >    has to read "Europa/Berlin"
> Localized time zone names remain to be implemented, leaving this part
> as wishlist.

Fine. If you happen to need the german names, please tell me.

> > 3. The word "Setup" has not been translated. I think it should (but I
> >    currently consider discussing this on the german Debian translation list)
> I couldn't find "Setup" in the timezoneconf templates.  Perhaps it was
> some other package?

Maybe, but the install is quite some time in the bast (like two years
or so), so I really cannot remember. 


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