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Bug#380848: Renaming jaxml to python-jaxml

Le mar 1 août 2006 23:45, Matej Vela a écrit :
> Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org> writes:
> > Le mar 1 août 2006 22:42, Matej Vela a écrit :
> >[...]
> >
> >> Victor, as the maintainer of scanerrlog, would you like to adopt
> >> jaxml?
> >>
> >> And QA folks: can we go ahead and remove jaxml immediately?  If
> >> it's adopted and renamed, it'll have to go through NEW anyway.
> >
> > I just did an upload that addressed that, and the package should
> > hit NEW soon.
> Well, my gut feeling is that jaxml is dead upstream and not likely to
> be adopted (I've never had much luck contacting Victor, cf. #305460,
> #312834, #317408).  I'll be glad to be proven wrong of course.

well, my mail was informative, to say that while I was working on the QA 
packages, I already saw the problems you reported and fixed them before 
knowing the package may eventually be removed.

I couldn't care less about it beeing removed or not. so I'll let you 
proceed with what you feel as adequate here.
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