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Bug#379497: jpeg-xmms build issues with gcc 4.1

forwarded 379497 mjpeg-developer@lists.sourceforge.net


jpeg-xmms fails to build from source using gcc 4.1:

 > gcc -O2  -I.   -c -o fdctdata.o fdctdata.c
 > gcc -O2  -I.   -c -o jquant_x86simd.o jquant_x86simd.c
 > /tmp/ccT4Nyhx.s: Assembler messages:
 > /tmp/ccT4Nyhx.s:59: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `ldmxcsr'
 > make[1]: *** [jquant_x86simd.o] Error 1
 > make[1]: Leaving directory `/build/buildd/libjpeg-mmx-0.1.5'

various other vendors like gentoo already use a slightly modified patch
from the following bugreport filed against gcc:


as it stands this is a issue with jpeg-mmx, not gcc. You can find the
full bugreport (also with some ways to fix this issue) in the Debian Bug
Tracking System:


I'am no ASM/SSE Expert, so i think it would be best if you guys could
have a look at the patches provided in the above link and could tell me
if its safe to include them in the package. 

    - michael

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