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Bug#116845: marked as done (kimberlite: Build failure on ia64 - shared libraries)

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Package: kimberlite
Version: N/A; reported 2001-10-23
Severity: important

The kimberlite package attempts to build both static and shared
libraries from the same .o files, which works on i386, but
not some other architectures. The .c file should be compiled
with -fPIC for the object files to be compiled into the
shared libraries.

libtool can help with this, but cluadmin/Makefile.am is not
easily converted because it doesn't take full advantage of
automake. clulib is a bit easier; the following patch seems to
make the necessary adjustments, although I'm not a libtool
user. It was necessary to run libtoolize in the top-level
directory after making these changes.

--- kimberlite-1.1.0/configure.in       Tue Oct 23 16:50:39 2001
+++ kimberlite-libtool/configure.in     Tue Oct 23 16:34:14 2001
@@ -5,8 +5,9 @@
--- kimberlite-1.1.0/src/clulib/Makefile.am     Tue Oct 23 16:50:39 2001
+++ kimberlite-libtool/src/clulib/Makefile.am   Tue Oct 23 16:33:35 2001
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
 INCLUDES = -I.. -I@top_srcdir@/include
 CFLAGS  += @EXTRA_CFLAGS@ -g -D__LIBRARY__  -W -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wshadow -DCLUSTER_LOCKFILE=\"@CLUSTER_LOCKFILE@\" -DSVC_START_SCRIPT=\"@prefix@/lib/kimberlite/ksh_bin/start_service.ksh\" -DSVC_STOP_SCRIPT=\"@prefix@/lib/kimberlite/ksh_bin/stop_service.ksh\" -DCLU_CONFIG_FILE=\"@CLU_CONFIG_FILE@\"
-noinst_LIBRARIES = libcluster.a
+noinst_LTLIBRARIES = libcluster.la
 EXTRA_DIST = allocate.h clucfg_if.h database.h fdlist.h hash.h plock.h 
-libcluster_a_SOURCES = clucfg.c clucfg_if.c clucfg_if.h daemon_init.c \
+libcluster_la_SOURCES = clucfg.c clucfg_if.c clucfg_if.h daemon_init.c \
                diskcheck.c diskconfigdb.c disklock.c diskmgtapi.c \
                diskrawio.c diskservices.c diskstatusblock.c diskutils.c \
                disknetblock.c fdlist.c fdlist.h liblogger.c lock.c msg.c \

The errors seen when building the package are:

gcc -shared -o cluster.so cluster_wrap.o ../../src/clulib/allocate.o        ../.
./src/clulib/clucfg.o        ../../src/clulib/clucfg_if.o        ../../src/cluli
b/daemon_init.o        ../../src/clulib/diskcheck.o        ../../src/clulib/disk
configdb.o        ../../src/clulib/disklock.o        ../../src/clulib/diskmgtapi
.o        ../../src/clulib/diskrawio.o        ../../src/clulib/diskservices.o   
     ../../src/clulib/diskstatusblock.o        ../../src/clulib/diskutils.o     
   ../../src/clulib/fdlist.o        ../../src/clulib/hash.o        ../../src/clu
lib/liblogger.o        ../../src/clulib/lock.o        ../../src/clulib/msg.o    
    ../../src/clulib/parseconf.o        ../../src/clulib/plock.o        ../../sr
c/clulib/power.o        ../../src/clulib/power_apc.o        ../../src/clulib/pow
er_rps10.o        ../../src/clulib/svc.o        ../../src/clulib/svc_db.o  -lc -
/usr/bin/ld: ../../src/clulib/allocate.o: @gprel relocation against dynamic symbol gp

-- System Information
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Architecture: ia64
Kernel: Linux butthead 2.4.9-itanium-smp #1 SMP Mon Sep 17 20:48:35 MDT 2001 ia64

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--- Begin Message ---
kimberlite has been removed from Debian due to lack of interest and
upstream inactivity.  For details, see <http://bugs.debian.org/348195>.

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