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Bug#347958: Fails to establish pppoe connection


>> Looks like you did not already configure your ethernet
>> connection and pppoeconf is not correctly configuring
>> /etc/network/interfaces to raise eth1 before starting the PPP
>> connections.  I have seen a similar bug in the pppoeconf
>> package in the latest Ubuntu release, but I do not know if
>> this is related. It mangled in some way the interfaces file
>> but I can't remember the details (maybe this was related to
>> eth0 using DHCP).

> auto isp
> iface dsl-provider inet ppp
>        pre-up ip link set eth1 up
>	 provider dsl-provider

This behavior is in last releases of pppoeconf.
This line is added in /etc/network/interfaces :

/sbin/ifconfig $ifacenocomma up # line maintained by pppoeconf

Then, this pppoeconf bug will be closed (or reassign to ppp
package if you want) except you have new informations for

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