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Bug#377097: yaboot-installer: generated yaboot.conf is broken on IBM POWER hardware ...

> > 1) There was a device= line, with nothing behind it, which yaboot failed to
> > parse at boot time, and thus rejected the config file or entries. The device =
> > line is not really necessary, since yaboot is able to recognize the device
> > from the OF chosen nodes. Removing this line by hand worked just fine.
> I've cloned this to a yaboot bug, because apparently ofpath failed. If
> you could give that cloned bug (I don't have the number yet, of course)
> more details of the disks on this system and what the Open Firmware path
> should be, then perhaps ofpath can be fixed.
> That said, there's obviously no point in writing out an unparseable
> configuration file, so I've changed yaboot-installer to avoid doing
> this.

You mean, you have modified yaboot-installer to not include a the device line
if ofpath returns an empty string ? This would indeed solve the problem.


Sven Luther

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