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Bug#294081: yaboot: ofpath improperly handles a second sata hard drive.

On Tue, Jun 27, 2006 at 01:04:31PM -0400, Eirik Fuller wrote:
> > Could you both provide me your /proc/cpuinfo and your
> > Apple OF version, please.
> I run MacOS X most of the time (I haven't gotten Xorg to run my
> 2560x1600 display at its rated resolution), so I'd have to shut
> down my system in order to fetch its cpuinfo.

It is needed to see whether we have the same hardware.

> I did, however, confirm that the patch I sent did solve the problem for
> my hardware.  I'd be willing to at least consider testing other patches.

That is why I want to dig the issue by knowing your hardware better.

> How many serial ATA disks do you have on your test G5?  Unless you have
> at least two, I don't see how you can test this bug at all, really.

The machine is not mine, but has 2 harddisks to reproduce the bug.

> There was an Ubuntu bug, whose number I don't recall offhand, for this
> same issue.  If I dig that up I'll put it into 294081@bugs.debian.org
> (which leaves me wondering why I didn't do that in February).

It is #18474, there are patches from both Ubuntu and Fedora we are
currently reviewing and that one is included. Expect a fix at the
next upload. ;)

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