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Bug#233810: yaboot does not recognizes RAID file systems

On Jun 27, Aurélien GÉRÔME <ag@roxor.cx> wrote:

> I am really tempted to apply that patch, it seems so trivial, despite
I can confirm that I have been using it without any problem on multiple
systems for more than two years.

> the fact Ethan is very reluctant to do so. :(
Ethan just does not understand that denying users new features in yaboot
will not persuade them to work on yaboot2.

> I will first test it on a G5 with 2 harddisks in RAID-1 and see if
> it works... However, other non-linear RAID personalities will not
> work for sure.
This is not relevant, other RAID methods will not work with yaboot
even when in a type 82 partition (which is currently accepted).


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