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Bug#372780: OpenBSD can't boot via yaboot on powerpc (no dualboot possible)

On Sun, Jun 11, 2006 at 07:01:50PM +0200, Peter Voigt wrote:
> Change the use of the path-parameter "bsd=...." in yaboot.conf.
> Let this parameter point to the openbsd-kernel relativ
> to the openbsd-partition.
> In my example let the user use "bsd-kernel=/bsd"
> and not "bsd=/dev/hda..."
> And please change the hardcoded name of the openbsd-kernel.
> ofboot allways set the name to "bsd". But that is not good.
> If you compile a new openbsd-kernel, you usually
> rename the old working kernel to "bsd.generic" or
> "bsd.old".
> If the new kernel doesn't work, you need a fallback, but
> cannot use yaboot. Yaboot is only able to boot "bsd" and
> not any otherwise named openbsd-kernel.

I am currently preparing an upload for our team to adopt the package

The last solution you point out, i.e. yaboot booting a BSD kernel
directly, seems to be the most simple to implement without breaking
anything for other users. Could you provide a patch against the
current source code to do so?

I do not have time currently to support *BSD on PowerPC, so
if I do not have a patch, then I will close this bug at the new
upload. Nevertheless, feel free to reopen it and to attach a patch
to your bug report.

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