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Bug#339062: plucker-setup: can't ever get past pilot-xfer with no args

> Package: plucker
> Version: 1.8-11
> Severity: normal
> File: /usr/bin/plucker-setup
> The code:
> if not os.system('pilot-xfer > /dev/null 2>&1'):
>     install_viewer()
> will cause an infinite wait, as one can see:
> $ pilot-xfer
> ERROR: Insufficient number of arguments
> Hit any key to continue..
> And if that hurdle is removed, one must then face e.g.,
> Unable to open '/usr/share/plucker/palm/viewer_zh_CN.prc'!
> Unable to open '/usr/share/plucker/palm/SysZLib.prc'!
> Unable to open '/usr/share/plucker/palm/PluckerUserGuide.pdb'!

This bug should be corrected if you use pilot-link from experimental (0.11.8-0.12.0-pre4-5) since we now have:

$ pilot-xfer 
Usage: pilot-xfer [-p|--port <port>] [--version] [-q|--quiet] [-?|--help]
        [--usage] [-b|--backup dir] [-u|--update dir] [-s|--sync dir]
        [-r|--restore dir] [-i|--install] [-f|--fetch] [-m|--merge] [--delete]
        [-l|--list] [-C|--cardinfo] [-P|--Purge] [-a|--archive dir]
        [-e|--exclude file] [-D|--vfsdir dir] [--rom] [--with-os] [--illegal]
        [-x|--exec command]
   Sync, backup, install, delete and more from your Palm device.
   This is the swiss-army-knife of the entire pilot-link suite.

   Use exactly one of -brsudfimlI; mix in -aexDPv, --rom and --with-os.

Can you confirm the bug is solved that way?


 Dr. Ludovic Rousseau                        Ludovic.Rousseau@free.fr
 -- Normaliser Unix c'est comme pasteuriser le camembert, L.R. --

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