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Re[5]: At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet

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bending over towards her, and he opened his hand, hoping she
would lay hers in it.
She was glad of this appeal for tenderness.  But some strange
force of evil would not let her give herself up to her feelings,
as though the rules of warfare would not permit her to surrender.
"Of course you wanted to stay, and you stayed.  You do everything
you want to.  But what do you tell me that for?  With what
object?" she said, getting more and more excited.  "Does anyone
contest your rights?  But you want to be right, and you're
welcome to be right."
His hand closed, he turned away, and his face wore a still more
obstinate expression.
"For you it's a matter of obstinacy," she said, watching him
intently and suddenly finding the right word for that expression
that irritated her, "simply obstinacy.  For you it's a question

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