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Bug#358506: pppoeconf adds line recursively to /etc/network/interfaces

Package: pppoeconf
Version: 1.9
Severity: important

Other info:
Architecture: i386
Kernel Version:
Debian Relase: Testing/Unstable
libc6: testing uptodate 2.3.6-3

Version of depends and other packages:
gettext-base: testing uptodate 0.14.5-2
ppp: testing uptodate 2.4.4b1-1
pppoe: testing uptodate 3.5-4
sed: testing uptodate 4.1.4-5
whiptail-provider: not installed
whiptail: testing uptodate 0.51.6-31
locales: testing uptodate 2.3.6-3
xdialog: testing uptodate 2.2.0-1

When pppoeconf is executed, it adds the following lines at the end of
/etc/network/interfaces :

auto eth0

    iface eth0 inet manual

It doesn't check whether the file already contains these directives,
thus breaking the file syntax with duplicates when pppoeconf is ran
several times.




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