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Bug#357825: [Kexi-devel] Bug#357825: FTBFS with G++ 4.1: extra qualification

On Sunday 19 March 2006 18:42, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> Package: kexi
> Version: 1:0.9-2
> Severity: important
> Tags: patch
> Your package fails to build with G++ 4.1.  I'm filing this bug as
> important for now, but when 4.1 will be the default compiler in
> unstable (probably in a few weeks) I'll upgrade this to serious.
> A patch is below.

Thanks.  This patch was applied to the Kexi 0.9 branch quite some time ago:


If you need to rebuild using g++ 4.1, I suggest building from that branch.
However, in a few weeks time, KOffice 1.5 should be the new stable version,
which will come with Kexi 1.0.

Don't know which will happen first though, obviously.


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