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Bug#246059: rxvt-unicode bugs: please verify fix

Micha Feigin writes:

> I can still see the bug. It looks like I have set the pemitions of
> /dev/tty to 666 since then but after installing the package and
> changing the permisions to 600 (my user is in the tty group) I still
> get the error 

If the admin removes read permission from /dev/tty, then we cannot read
from /dev/tty. I don't see how this could be a bug. rxvt-unicode does
not change the permissions, nor can it. You changed the permissions to
something broken; there's no way a program can work around that. I
tested recreating the device with makedev; it now creates it 666.

> BTW, mrxvt gives me the same error.


things change.

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