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Bug#294582: rxvt-unicode bugs: please verify fix

Le lundi 13 mars 2006 à 20:21, Decklin Foster a écrit:
> Greetings,

> You filed a bug on the Debian package of rxvt-unicode:
>   #294582: rxvt-unicode: crashes when programs output bold "special"
>   characters 
> I am adopting the package and have determined that this bug probably no
> longer applies, as I cannot reproduce it. An updated package will be
> uploaded soon, but if you want to test the new version now, preliminary
> packages can be downloaded at:
>   http://www.rupamsunyata.org/deb/
> I would greatly appreciate it if you could inform me whether the bug is
> still reproducible for you in this version, or if it can be closed. Thank
> you.

This bug seems to be solved now. I currently run rxvt-unicode version
5.3-1 from sarge with no problem.

I did not test version 7.7 from the URL you gave, because it requires libc6
from etch.


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