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Bug#152128: patch

Justin Pryzby <justinpryzby@users.sourceforge.net> writes:

> A patch fixing most of these bugs is attached; there seems to be a new
> upstream release from 2005 which I'm working on, which also fixes the
> grave "crashes no matter what bug #152128.

The only significant change between vcg_1.30.orig.tar.gz (the old
obfuscated version) and vcg.20050204.tgz is in the copyright notice.
Almost all of the differences can be removed by running the following
on the old tree:

  for f in `find vcg.1.30 -type f`; do
    perl -i -e '$/ = undef;
                $_ = <>; s/Copyright \(C\) 1993(--1995|, 1994) by (Georg Sander, Iris Lemke|Iris Lemke, Georg Sander), and[\s*]+the Compare Consortium/Copyright (C) 1993-2005 Saarland University/gs;
                print;' $f || break

If #152128 is reproducible with the unobfuscated source but not with
the obfuscated one, upstream must have provided slightly different

> I'd like to include some derivation of their obfuscated source, but
> not sure how best to integrate any changes they've made with the old,
> unobfuscated files.  Their obfuscation can be nearly defeated with the
> following:
>   perl -p0 -e 's,/\*.*?\*/,,gs' step1.c |indent |sed -e 's/;;$/;/'
> It would also be nice to
>   sed -e s/obfuscated_static_function_names/useful_names
> and to put back the removed comments.

Are you sure all that work is worth it?  Upstream hasn't made any
changes in eleven years; the prospective adopter hasn't moved an inch
in a year; and as far as I can tell from #288379, graphviz is a
reasonable alternative (and it's free software now).



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