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Bug#355247: Info received (was Ack. Will be investigated)

tags 355247 + help, confirmed
thanks robot

goobox uses cdbs, and calls 

include /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/gnome.mk

this, in turn, calls
dh_scrollkeeper -p$(cdbs_curpkg) $(DEB_DH_SCROLLKEEPER_ARGS)

So this looks fine. In the actual build I see 
dh_scrollkeeper -pgoobox

Further I see in the build:
scrollkeeper-update -p /debuild/NEU-G/goobox-0.9.93/goobox-0.9.93.fullpatch/debian/goobox//var/lib/scrollkeeper -o /debuild/NEU-G/goobox-0.9.93/goobox-0.9.93.fullpatch/debian/goobox//usr/share/omf/goobox

Looking at the documentation, I think this should not be called during the
build process, but during installation. This is confirmed by the
README.Debian shipped with scrollkeeper:

You need to call scrollkeeper-update like that in your scripts. You should
never package all files generated by scrollkeeper during the build process
in /var/lib/scrollkeeper. Also your package need to depends on scrollkeeper
(>= 0.3.14-5) for xml catalogs.

Ok, this means *both* packages, i.e. gnome-schedule and goobox are
probably buggy.

I cannot find any direct invocation of scrollkeeper-update in the cdbs
code, but I can find it in the upstream makefiles, but it refuses to
vanish :-((

Ok, I found it, during build, gnome-doc-utils.make is copied from
gnome-doc-utils into the build directory and used, and there the
scrollkeeper-update comes in.

No I am a little lost, as I don't know the innards of the
way gnome builds documentaion, what should be done and how, so a
scollkeeper expert or a gnome-doc expert is needed ....


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