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Bug#349892: typos in electric.1 resulting in missing words

Package: electric
Version: 6.05-2.1
Severity: minor
Tags: patch


This patch fixes some formatting errors in electric.1 which result in
missing words in the displayed man page.

Kind Regards,
diff -rauN ../orig/electric-6.05/electric.1 ./electric-6.05/electric.1
--- ../orig/electric-6.05/electric.1	2002-02-26 03:20:07.000000000 +0100
+++ ./electric-6.05/electric.1	2006-01-25 21:06:46.000000000 +0100
@@ -27,9 +27,9 @@
 In addition, the following switches are recognized:
 .IP -c
 requests that the initial ".cadrc" file be ignored (not recommended).
-.IP -geom WxH+X+Y
+.IP "-geom WxH+X+Y"
 requests that the initial edit window be of the specified size and location.
 requests that the file MACROFILE be used as the initial macro file (not recommended).
 .IP -m
 specifies there may be multiple monitors and that Electric should look for them.
@@ -259,9 +259,9 @@
 l l.
-.cadrc	Local startup file
+\&.cadrc	Local startup file
 ~/.cadrc	Personal startup file
-.electric.log	Session logging file
+\&.electric.log	Session logging file
 *.elib	Binary input/output files
 *.txt	Text input/output files
 *.cif	CIF input/output files

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