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Bug#316491: xmcpustate: cannot parse /proc/meminfo on 2.6 kernels

clone 316491 -1
reassign -1 ftp.debian.org
retitle -1 RM: xmcpustate -- RoQA; not compatible with 2.6 kernels
severity -1 normal

xmcpustate is a X11 application displaying the system activity and
current free and used memory, written with the Motif set of widgets.

It is in its current form not compatible with current systems, lacking
proper support to parse the `/proc/meminfo' output of kernels in the
2.6.x series. As most of the architectures have already switched to 2.6
as the default installation kernel, this package does not work properly
on most systems and just quits with a failure when one tries to run it.

It is orphaned since three months at the request of QA, due to the
package being in a bad shape. It is currently RC bug free, due to two QA
uploads but as outlined above it lacks serious use. Popcon shows less
than 60 users having a current version of the package installed.

I don't think that it makes sense to ship this package with Etch if
#316491 is not fixed in time (and mind you, we want to release early!).

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern

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