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Bug#290689: elvis: Just to make sure I understand ...


Quoting from "howto.html":

        Indicate when Elvis owns the current X11 selection
            The cursor can be configured to have a special color
            whenever Elvis owns the current selection.
On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, wim delvaux wrote:
> However I am not entirely sure that the explained behavior is correct.
> I do not 'really' understand exactly when 'owning selection' occurs.

There are two different selections which need to be distinguished.

	One is the selection of text by elvis.
		In gui mode this is indicated by suitable

	The other is what forms the "selection" for X11.
		This could be within the elvis window or outside.

Only the second type of selection decides what color the cursor takes.
After the command "color cursor color1 on color2":

Whenever the X11 selection lies outside the elvis window, the cursor
takes on color1.

Whenever the X11 selection lies within the elvis window, the cursor
takes on color2.

I hope this explanation is satisfactory and that I can close this



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