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Odd interaction... mgm <-> eog [ and possibly perl-tk ]


I'm not quite sure which debian package to log an error against - but since a couple of days I have noticed mgm crashing occasionnaly - sometimes it took hours before it died, sometimes it died realtively quickly.

I have now found one clear interaction, which on my system (debian unstable / i386), causes mgm to die - and that is whenever eog starts up to display a picture.

But - interestingly enough - neither of the two packages has been changed in months.

Mgm segfaults in Tk_HandleEvent (this seems fairly reliable - several gdb traces showed it to always segfault in this routine) - but then again, in what way are these two programs interacting at all? (There is no window overlap, which would cause X events to be sent).

Any idea what might be causing this - and more to the point - which program/lib might be at fault?


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