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Bug#340705: What should be done regarding guitar.

Let's not think about the "serious"ness of this issue for a moment, and just 
think about the bug.

The package 'guitar' does support creating rar archives by invoking rar.  
Mostly the program is just a wrapper for other tools; it could easily be 
extended to create zoo archives by invoking zoo, or cab archives by invoking 
cab (if there was a 'cab').

Since we don't particularly want to encourage people to create rar archives, 
any more than we want to encourage them to create zoo archives, changing the 
"Suggests" from "Suggests: rar" to "Suggests: unrar" seems like the right 
thing to do.

However, the last release of the program "guitar" was in March 1999 and it's 
QA-maintained.  The upstream website is gone.  It's also just a wrapper.   
There's also a new non-free, non-open-source program out with the same name 
and function, to add to the confusion.

Unless someone wants to adopt this package, the correct thing to do is to 
remove it from Debian entirely.  It has no reverse depends.  It does have 35 
popcon votes (and 338 'old' installs).

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