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Bug#283342: squidguard: SquidGuard doesn't handle locallization properly

tag 283342 moreinfo unreproducible
retitle 283342 squid: problem with localization
reassign 283342 squid

Raphael HALIMI <raph@captainblood.org> writes:

> There is a slight problem with SquidGuard's handling of localization. This
> issuedoesn't appear in Squid itself.
> If the languages selected in the webe browser are, for example :
> [fr_FR]
> [fr]
> [en]
> SquidGuard checks only the first locale asked, can't find any template for
> [fr_FR], and sends the [en] template. Problem is, SquidGuard does have a [fr]
> translation, and it's in the browser languages list, so I think SquidGuard
> should either check other asked languages, or simply replace them by a template
> it does have (cutting the locale before the underscore : [fr_FR] --> [fr]).

As Stefan Fritsch already noted, squidGuard doesn't see any language
information; this must have been a problem with squid.  Can you still
reproduce it?



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