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Fletcher acrocephalic

Good day to you sir,,

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Lila Sizemore


And what were the results? Let me tell you some stories:.
14. Ninety six bottles of beer, three a's, three b's, one c, two d's, twenty eight e's, seven f's, three g's, eight h's, thirteen i's, four l's, sixteen n's, nine o's, nine r's, twenty six s's, twenty t's, four u's, four v's, six w's, five x's, and five y's on the wall. .
Cathy hasn't practiced reading yet..
The politicians dislike playing all day long..
I don't practice reading once a week..
THE PARENT arrived back on the scene. She gave me a tape by Dr. Laura Meyers from UCLA. I listened to that tape eight times. I listened over and over and heard the same thing again and again. Ms. Meyers said, 'These kids may need to hear a word many times (perhaps 72 times) before they ever say a word. A computer can be patient and say it the same way every time.' Now I understood. I was not patient enough. I did not allow the student to hear the words over and over. I was interrupting their learning by interjecting, when they were totally engrossed in what they were doing. I was asking questions they were not ready to answer. They were just learning language. They didn't have the answers yet..
That pilot is missing surfing..
Some store clerks like working in London..
That photographer isn't enjoying fighting..
10. Ninety six bottles of beer, three a's, three b's, one c, two d's, thirty six e's, three f's, two g's, seven h's, eleven i's, one j, one k, six l's, one m, twenty n's, twelve o's, one p, one q, six r's, twenty eight s's, nineteen t's, seven v's, seven w's, six x's, and five y's on the wall..

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