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Bug#338597: lmodern is unusable with context from the latest teTeX.

Frank Küster wrote:
> Konstantinos Koukopoulos <kouk@noc.uoa.gr> wrote:
>> The CONTEXT distribution that is contained in the above tetex packages 
>> requires the lmodern fonts in EC encoding. Unfortunately the lmodern package 
>> currently in unstable contains the fonts in cork encoding. 

It is very likely that Konstantinos has a more recent version locally
installed. See below.

> I don't understand - AFAIK EC is the Cork encoding?  Also, I cannot
> reproduce this bug, which might be due to my lack of knowledge of
> ConTeXt. 

What EC and Cork encoding is exactly is quite tricky (see discussion on
tex-fonts some months ago). However, I think the relevant thing is that
the tfm files for lmodern got renamed at some point from
'cork-lmr10.tfm' to 'ec-lmr10.tfm' etc. The current lmodern package is
identical to what's in teTeX 3.0, and i am pretty sure that teTeX 3.0 is
'self consistent', ie, the tfm files in teTeX 3.0 are those needed by
ConTeXt as it is in teTeX 3.0.

This gives us a big problem with the lmodern package. I don't know how
we could update lmodern without updating ConTeXt in the teTeX tree. I am
pretty sure, that current lmodern will *not work* with the ConTeXt in
teTeX 3.0. :-(

>> ConTeXt  ver: 2005.10.27  fmt: 2005.10.29  int: english  mes: english
> I have a different ConTeXt version:
> ConTeXt  ver: 2005.01.31  fmt: 2005.10.25  int: english  mes: english

Actually, the ConTeXt version of Konstantinos is more recent than teTeX 3.0!


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