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Bug#336003: xconq: segfaults

On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 06:33:50PM +0100, Pierre THIERRY wrote:
> Scribit Matej Vela dies 04/11/2005 hora 16:46:
> > Hmm, perhaps the splash window is too small for your fonts.  Try this
> > patch:
> Nope. Segfault again.

Not that I have any personal knowledge of this bug, but since the crash
happens in strcasecmp(), would it be worth building an electric fenced
version of the binary to see if it's scribbling in memory it shouldn't be,
and perhaps breaking on the call to strcasecmp to see if one of it's
arguments is obviously not a valid pointer?  Also, Pierre, you might like to
try installing the libc6-dbg package, which will provide more info on the
backtrace, which might make the break unnecessary.  It's a pity that the
Tcl/Tk libraries don't provide debug symbols as well; it's relatively
straightforward to produce debug symbol packages, though.

- Matt

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