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Bug#337531: axkit: AxKit 1.7 is out

Package: axkit
Version: 1.6.2-3
Severity: wishlist

The rumours of AxKit's death has been greatly exaggerated, and finally, 
I have an announcement to prove it! :-) Admittedly, I prefer to get 
AxKit from CPAN myself, but FYI:

----------  Forwarded Message  ----------

Subject: ANNOUNCE: AxKit 1.7
Date: fredag 04 november 2005, 20:40
From: Matt Sergeant <matt@sergeant.org>
To: axkit-users List <axkit-users@axkit.org>, pmc@xml.apache.org

It really has been a long time, hasn't it...

Well AxKit 1.7 is finally out. The core developers have been very busy
getting on with real life, so it took a long time to make a release -
sorry about that. The focus now is on porting to Apache2, for what will
be called AxKit 2. While we had early hopes of a new
design/architecture for AxKit 2, I think right now we need to
concentrate on just a straight port. I've started coding that already,
but don't expect anything soon :-)

Features of this release:

  - Upgrade license to Apache 2.0
  - Extended SimpleTaglib with several new features
  - Added pseudo-protocol registry
  - Added POST data provider (Apache::AxKit::Provider::POST)
  - Fix: Apache::Test params were ignored
  - Added AxDirHandler config option
  - Many UTF-8 related fixes
  - Log errors on separate lines for newer Apache's
  - Improve gzip cache handling and delivery

Available now at the usual download location:



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