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Bug#164538: gfax: New upstream version

kmk <kmk@familieknaak.de> writes:

> Upstream version of gfax is 0.7.3 since 2005/Feb/28
>  This one is aware of gnome2 and offers a number of features that are
> missing with gfax v0.4 which is packaged in sarge and in unstable.
> The homepage of the project even contains a working debian package.
> It works like a charm for me (intuitive GUI, no crashes).
> This bug-wish is more than three years old. --> Time for an upgrade!

Here's what Mirco Bauer <meebey@meebey.net>, the new maintainer, says
in Bug#228428:

> It's packaged, and the packages are working good, but the software
> doesn't, it likes to crashes for me. I am waiting for a new upstream
> version, that's whats holding the package back. the current very old
> gfax in debian is at least stable.



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