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Bug#335747: Please use gnutls12 instead of gnutls11

Subject: Please use gnutls12 instead of gnutls11
Package: dcgui
Severity: minor

'dcgui' depends on gnutls11.

This package has now been superseded by gnutls12. Its development
package has been renamed to "libgnutls-dev".

We'd like to remove gnutls11 from Etch. So, please check whether you
can build-depend on libgnutls-dev, and if so, upload a new version of

If your package build-deps on "libgnutls11-dev | libgnutls-dev",
either drop libgnutls11-dev, or swap them around so that libgnutls-dev
is first.

If there are problems, don't hesitate to ask for assistance.

Thank you.

NB: The severity of this bug will probably be increased as we get
    closer to releasing Etch.

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