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Bug#330152: Login.app assumes xfree

Package: login.app
Version: 1.2.1-18

When installing login.app and having x.org installed (and xfree purged)
the following message pauses the installation until enter is pressed.

Ställer in login.app (1.2.1-18) ...
Login.app for Debian setup

The X Window System has to be set up and working before setting up

X configuration file /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 not found

Please make sure the X Window Configuration is valid

You'll have to modify /etc/inittab and fix the symlinks yourself. Please
read /usr/doc/login.app/README.Debian for directions before proceeding.
Press [ENTER] to contine

I would expect the package to either accept the x.org configuration file
or have the proper dependencies if that is not possible.

This package was installed by accident, and I have no intentions of
using it.

One could say that this bug is a consequence of #256350.

I did notice that removal of the package might happen next month, and I
have no objections.

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