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Bug#328355: libgtkxmhtml-perl: please rebuild against latest libpng

On Wed, Sep 14, 2005 at 11:09:46PM +0200, joss@debian.org wrote:
> Package:XXlibgtkxmhtml-perl
> Version: 0.7009-5
> This is an automatically generated report. The libgtkxmhtml-perl package depends
> on libpng2, libpng10-0 or libpng3. It should be rebuilt against the latest 
> libpng 1.2 packages, so that libpng 1.0 can safely be removed from the 
> archive.
> To achieve that, please install libpng12-dev, and make your package 
> simply build-depend on:
>  * libpng-dev for a binary package,
>  * libpng12-dev for a library package.
> (The former is a virtual package provided by the latter.)

libgtkxmhtml-perl build-depends on libpng10-dev only indirectly, through
libgtkxmhtml-dev.  Did you file a bug against the latter?  I can't find
it, but that might be due to the   your script inserted in the
Package header.

> Please don't forget that as soon as libpng 1.0 is removed from the 
> archive (which is due soon), packages using libpng10-0 or libpng2 will
> be uninstallable.

IIRC, melanie checks reverse dependencies, so libpng10-0 won't be
removed until no packages depend on it.



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