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Bug#222853: ITA freedict

>      On 25 Mar 2004, Michael Bunk <bunk@imn.htwk-leipzig.de> wrote:
> > I was not aware of all those bugs filed at debian.org.
> > I cant address them soon, because I have not taken
> > over freedict maintenance completely and don't
> > understand everything.
> >
> > freedict.org with updated contents of freedict.de is
> > planned, as well as a howto. It all takes time.

freedict.org and the howto are there now.

> > In the bug report you mentioned conversion tools
> > were not available. There are many small tools in
> > the tools module in freedict cvs. Also there seems
> > to be a way (I have not tried it yet) to convert freedict
> > xml data with an xslt stylesheet into "-c5" format and
> > then use "dictfmt -c5" to generate the dictd database.
>      I do not know if Michael intended to package these packages
> for Debian, or if he still does.

To be able to make packages that build from source - that would be the 
TEI files or even their sources - it will be required to package the 
"FreeDict tools", eg. as "freedict-dev", which will have to be listed 
as "Build-Depends".

The c5 formatting way is working, but the entry formatting still needs 
some improvement. After releasing the dictd c5 formatted databases, I 
can join the efforts to update the Debian packages.

Kindest regards,

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