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Bug#318941: Fix for this bug is pending

tags 295880 +pending
tags 303917 +pending
tags 318907 +pending
tags 318935 +pending
tags 318941 +pending
tags 318949 +pending

A fix for this bug is ready, but must wait for bug #318808 to be fixed
before I can do an upload. This should happen within two weeks.

In the meantime, you can extract both my new capi4hylafax package and
my fix for #318808 from gluck.debian.org:~tfheen/DELAYED/ . People
that don't have access to gluck can download my packages from
http://www.mdcc.cx/debian/, in the "sid" distribution, component
"main". (Only the build for sparc is there, but the sources are there
as well.)


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