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NoteEdit 2.8.0

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We're glad to inform you that a new stable release of NoteEdit - a music
score editor has been released. Many RFEs and fixes were made, including
closures of the following Debian-reported bugs:
#308387: noteedit: Not compatible with current lilypond
#140578: noteedit: SIGSEV on startup on PPC
#230891: noteedit crashes on export to PMX
#313942: noteedit: [INTL:de] German PO file corrections
#271957: noteedit: easier midi import
#299399: noteedit: Menu Icon please

Therefore, I would really like to see updated the current 2.7.1 version.

Note that NoteEdit isn't yet gcc4 compatible (#302917: noteedit: FTBFS
(amd64/gcc-4.0): configure does not allow building with gcc-4.0). Even
TSE3 headers have many new syntax errors not present in gcc-3.4.

I attached a NEWS file, which includes all the new features & bug fixes.

Best wishes!
- - Matevž Jekovec
- --------------------------
NoteEdit development team
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Release 2.8.0
The NoteEdit team is glad to announce the first major-version since its new

From now on, NoteEdit will be versioned according to GNU principals of
versioning. Many SVN changes were made to accommodate these principals as well.
Where a version of the program is X.Y.Z, numbers now mean the following:
- Even major number (Y) marks a stable branch of the application.
- Odd major number (Y) marks a development branch of the application.
- Extra-Major number (X) is a generation of the application.
- Minor number (Z) in a stable branch marks the latest critical maintainence
  release in that branch.
- Minor number (Z) in a development branch marks the current version of the
  latest stable enough SVN version of the application, to be called a useful
  development release.

New features:
- Updated translations and fixed Makefile to include Slovenian translation.
- RFE #573 - Soprano clef added.
- Score info fields and staff names can now include double quotes ("), updated
export filters.
- RFE #730 - Direct MIDI import - one-click MIDI file import implemented.
- RFE #729 - warning message before TSE3 -> Score added.
- Automatic bar placement disabled if no time signature defined.
- Allow bar placement in empty staffs with no clef/key/time signature.
- Merged staff properties and voice dialog.
- Staff properties can now change all staffs at once, not only the current one.
- Menu point staff -> voices invokes the staff properties.
- More improvements to the menu: Easier access via keys, some better menu names
  (like Close / Quit, Select Multi Staff).
- Main window title now includes score title and subtitle by default, if none
  defined yet, it the current uses file name.
- Many score layout window improvements (bottom-up selection, resized buttons to
  fit captions on buttons, added form caption).
- Removed fuzzyness from german translation and updated all po(t) files
  (others will have fuzzyness as well until translated).
- Removed a thrilling MusiXTeX warning when exporting and replaced it with a
  nice notice dialog.
- New icon.
- Implemented splash screen.
- New playback shortcut. Changed Edit Mode and Insert Rest default shortcuts.
- Save main window position and size (default: available screen geometry).
- Toolbar settings of every toolbar are saved and restored.
- Integrated patch 403 - Better menu structure.
- Removed "Report Bug" menu item from help menu.
- The last selected key or time signature is now remembered and gets selected
  automatically when inserting it the second time.
- configure now works on FreeBSD (thanks to Raphael Langerhorst).
- When editing Arbitrary text, its position gets remembered now.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed #3944 - polyphony importing wrong in MusicXML.
- Fixed #3969 - Score layout: Text on buttons uncomplete.
- Fixed #3595 - dbl quotes in some score info fields leads to invalid files.
- Fixed #3935 - deleting element doesn't make document edited - also some rework
                in delete element code.
- Fixed #3934 - discard changes dialog ignored on exit.
- Fixed #3914 - crash when a pasting to new staff.
- Fixed #3504 - bad file save without clef.
- Fixed #3861 - Multirests in non-4/4 measure broken.
- Fixed #3862 - measures after multirests not numbered correctly.
- Fixed #3183 - multistaff broken - warning message added.
- Fixed #3403 - export lilypond 2.4 lyrics problem.
- Fixed #3418 - Doesn't save icon settings
- Fixed #3484 - crash on midi import.
- Fixed #3503 - hard crash on midi export.
- Fixed #3505 - ABC export when leading repeat open and other voices.
- Fixed #3786 - midi export crashes noteedit.
- Fixed #3791 - staff->delete / import recording warnings wrong.
- Fixed typo in staff properties dialog ("Voice:" -> "Instrument:").
- Fixed #2930 - noteedit stops playing still held notes in other voices.
- Fixed #4119 - Stem directions in voice dialog don't get rememberd.
- Fixed #4235 - noteedit-2.8.0-rc1 crashes on start
- Fixed typo in insert Key signature dialog: D flat Major; b minor -> D flat
  Major; b flat minor and updated translations
- Enlarged Insert line and Line properties dialog to fit all the translations.

- LilyPond export of different drum notes inside a single chord is suppressed to
  prevent choking of Lily. The user should use multiple voices instead.

Release 2.7.4
New features:
- Improved LilyPond support : added export in lilypond-2.4.2 format.
- Added Slovenian translation, thanks to Matevz Jekovec.

Patches included (Matevz Jekovec):
- Patch #255 - added \version "2.0", so convert-ly now works out of the box,
  moved \voiceOne,\voiceTwo etc. to the separate lines, fixed a small typo
  (LilyPoint -> LilyPond)

Bugs fixed:
- Fixed #2487 - noteedit doesn't consider ties on MusicXML import.
- Fixed #2528 - triplets unfunctional.
- Fixed #2532 - multirests with one bar.
- Fixed #2580 - small type in INSTALL.de.
- Fixed #2581 - rest symbol printed twice.
- Fixed #2807 - rests should have fermatas as well.
- Fixed #2809 - measure numbers for other voices not printed in .ly file.
- Fixed #3249 - 2.7.4 beta crash on RH7.2.
- Fixed #3296 - crash when ALSA synth not running.

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