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Bug#317078: dict-freedict-deu-eng: missed header 00-database-utf8 in dict files

Package: dict-freedict-deu-eng
Version: 1.1-4
Severity: normal

An utf-8 dictionary should contain the 00-database-utf8 header inside
the dict. I found those lines in the original freedict dictionaries,

This line is used by the dictd server normally (serpento works with
that) to discover, that the databases are utf8 encoded.

Seems to be related to the dictd package still not working correctly
with utf-8 files.

>From Dictd manpage:
   "[...] headers  "00-database-allchars" which tells dictd that
    non-alphanumeric characters may also be used for search, the  header
    "00-database-utf8" which   indicates  that  the  database  uses  utf8
    encoding,  and  the [...]"

-- System Information:
Debian Release: 3.1
Architecture: powerpc (ppc)
Kernel: Linux 2.6.8-powerpc
Locale: LANG=de_DE@euro, LC_CTYPE=de_DE@euro (charmap=ISO-8859-15)

-- no debconf information

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