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Tell PhoneL:0022507133603
Please Reply me through my Private E-mail address
please (tom_kone_0@yahoo.fr) and my phone
number is 0022507133603 please you can also call me
for more information

Dearest one,
How are you today?I hope you are fine. Let me first of all
introduce myself. my name is Tom Kone I work in a bank in
Cote D'Ivorie. We have a customer, Mr Christoper Serge,who
also happens to be a closed family friend. Mr Christopher
has an account balance of more than five million dollars,
$5.33m to be precise, in our bank. Unfortunately, he died
in a plane clash in 1997 while travelling for a vacation
with his family. His wife and children (Two sons and a
daughter)also died in the gastly clash.

Thus, leaving nobody as a close next-of-kin to his account.
By our bank's regulation, any account that is redundant for
over a period of seven(7) fiscal year will be declared
dormant. To this effect, late MrChristpher's account will
be declared dormant by the end of next year. I have made
every possible effort to locate any of Mr Christopher's
relation to stand as a next-of-kin so as to claim his
money; but all was to no avail.

Hence, I will need a credible person, who will act in the
capacity of next-of-kin to late Mr Christopher and with his
help we can claim this money.You will leave the area of
transfer for me as I will take of any eventualities that
may arise. But, most importantly, I wouldn't want my bank
to be aware that I am directly involved in this transaction
as that might put my job on the line and my career in
jeopardy. Further details will be conveyed to you upon
confirmation of your interest. Please remember to treat
this very transaction confidential and strictly on a need
to know basis.

Best regards, 

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