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dvi previewing problem (dvisvga)

I have a problem in previewing dvi files compiled from .tex source in which the \overpic command is used - when I open them using dvisvga at console, only the text is displayed, but not the picture in background. The same problem appears when I try to open them in X-windows using dvilx. But if I create .ps file from those dvis using dvips and open them using gv (in X-windows), the displayed document is correct (the background picture is visible). Do you have any idea how to solve this problem (opening documents at console). I send you an example document which is not correctly displayed on my computer. I use dvisvga ver.1:01.03-5.1. I tried also to use bmv to open the same documents in .ps format at console, but it doesn't work - I can see the black screen only. Can you recommend me some other viewer for .dvi or .ps documents on console?

Zdenko Kremer, Zagreb, Croatia

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