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Bug#88107: hanterm doesn't start on PPC

package hanterm-xf
tag 88107 unreproducible moreinfo


On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 09:24:21PM +0900, Joongul Lee wrote:
> When I type "hanterm &" on an xterm, it gives 
> hanterm: fatal pty error 23 (errno=22) on tty /dev/pts/4 
> and exits. Compiling from source doesn't work, either... 
> I am using testing(woody) distribution on PPC (G3 pismo), with kernel version
> 2.2.18 and libc6 2.2.1-1.

(Sorry no one got back to you sooner, hanterm-xf is currently without a

I'm unable to reproduce this with hanterm-xf 1:3.3.1p18-9 and a remote
PowerPC box using current unstable.  Is this still a problem for you?



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