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Bug#246486: ["Craig P. Steffen" <craig@craigsteffen.net>] drop package roleplaying from Debian

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Hi Tomas,

You contacted me a while back about the roleplaying package, which I
have set to ITA.  Your last comment on bug 246486 was that fixing it
and bringing it up to date would be the be difficult, and perhaps the
package should just be removed.  

I think that's a good assessment.  There was an update January of
2004.  The last one before that was 2002.  I think given that, and the
difficulty of fixing it, and the license changing, that it's best to
just flush it. 

Are you a DD?  I assume, then, that it's easier for you to get the
ball rolling on that one. 

Sorry I fell out of touch on this.  I'm trying again to get back into
that game.  The first thing I'm doing is cleaning out old cruft that I
left lying around.  


Craig Steffen

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